Your #Limitless Year Starts with PA DECA!


Welcome to the first step of your limitless future!  My name is Max Lucas and I am the current serving Pennsylvania DECA president! It is a great honor for me to welcome you to the coming year of DECA Activities.  

This year on our state association website we will have a series of blog posts available for our members to stay informed and up to date throughout the year.  After great consideration, PA DECA has picked DEFY GRAVITY with #PADECA as our theme. Being that our utmost goal is to have our members reach the highest possible success they can!  The PA DECA team and I look forward working with you, the members, this year to make the most successful year in our organization’s history!

Please feel free to explore our website and check out what is new this year.  Whether it be exploring the #Evolve competition prep series or learning about the new Space Race initiative,   there is something for everyone to explore with PA DECA in the 2017-2018 year! I am left with only one question to ask.  Are you ready to DEFY GRAVITY with #PADECA?


Max Lucas

PA DECA President

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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

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