Max Lucas
Max LucasState President[email protected]
My name is Max Lucas and I am currently a Senior at State College Area High School. I have been a member of DECA for the entirety of my high school career. After attending ICDC in 2015 in Orlando, Florida, as a freshman I knew DECA was the place for me! With that in mind, I decided to pursue leadership within the organization, and I am currently serving as your state president. When I am not expressing my “DECAcation” you can find me playing ice hockey, skiing or generally enjoying the outdoors. With all the opportunities PA DECA has provided me with during my high school career, I have truly cherished the opportunity to give back and make an impact within the organization through serving as your state president, and hope to have the opportunity to do more so in the future!
Paige Davidson
Paige DavidsonState Vice President[email protected]
Hi PA DECA! I'm Paige Davidson, your Vice President. I love traveling, music, and of course, all things DECA. I'm from Bethel Park and have been a member of DECA for 4 years now! I got involved with DECA my freshman year in order to help prepare myself for my future and participate in all the wonderful opportunities DECA has to offer. I quickly fell in love with the club and decided to run for Office, as there was nothing I wanted to do more than help lead PA DECA. I've already completed one term, as I was your 2016-2017 VP of Member Development. As your VP this year, I'm beyond excited to watch the chapters complete the Plan of Action, and really have some fun with all activities! Can't wait to meet everyone this year and watch all the members go #AllTheWayUp!
Alyssa George
Alyssa GeorgeVice President of Communications[email protected]
Alyssa George is your 2017-2018 Vice President of Communications! She is a junior from Bethel Park High School. Growing up, Alyssa's sister was best friends with Tara Nath, the former state president and NARVP... all she knew is that someday she wanted to do that and be her! Alyssa is most excited to serve on the Executive Council with her best friends this year. She is also very excited to take PA DECA to new heights and become #Limitless! In addition to DECA, Alyssa also plays Quads in the Bethel Park High School Drumline. She is involved in over 8 clubs/activities in her community, including National Honors Society, Coffee Arabica Foundation for Education, and many more.
Rachel DeCesaris
Rachel DeCesarisVice President of Member Development[email protected]
Hi, everyone! My name is Rachel DeCesaris and I am your Vice President of Member Development. I'm currently a senior at Freedom Area High School. I got involved with DECA my freshman year of high school and absolutely fell in love with the organization. The aspects of friendship, hard work, and dedication makes DECA stand out and show how amazing DECA truly is. I am so excited for this year as I know it will be incredible. I am looking forward to talking to all of you throughout the year to make this the best year yet!
Olivia Daniels
Olivia DanielsVice President of Community Outreach[email protected]
My name is Olivia Daniels, I am a senior at Northampton Area High School. I got involved in DECA freshman year because I knew it would look good on my High School transcript and all of my friends were joining too. I never realized how much I would fall in love with it. I fell in love with the service I get to do and the people I've met. I'm most looking forward to SCDC this year because I will get to meet our members and hear all about their personalized DECA stories. I am very involved in my own chapter, my high school, and my community. In addition to being involved with clubs and charities, I play three sports, field hockey, ice hockey, and track and field. I also plan to major in Biomedical Engineering in college next year.
Dylan Gino
Dylan GinoVice President of Business Partnerships[email protected]
My name is Dylan Gino and I am from Lehigh Career and Technical Institute. My home town is a small town called Catasauqua, where I play football and baseball. I'm looking forward to networking with each chapter and seeking new opportunites that DECA has to offer.
Logan Caruso
Logan CarusoDistrict 1 Representative[email protected]
My name is Logan Caruso; I am the District One Representative, from Bradford Area High School. I become involved in DECA when my chapter's advisor asked me to join because of my interest accounting. I am most looking forward to meeting new people at the State Conference this year. Some of my hobbies include lifeguarding, reading, and running. And one interesting fact about me is that I am the first State Officer to be elected from my chapter.
Emily Strzesieski
Emily StrzesieskiDistrict 3 Representative[email protected]
I’m Emily Strzesieski, a two term state officer that has had the honor to serve as both the district III representative, and the chapter president of Highlands DECA. I joined DECA my freshmen year of high school because I was eager to learn about how I could best prepare for my future. As a high school senior, I know that DECA has prepared me for my future by providing me with the opportunity to engage with a diverse group of fellow students that share my passion for learning and leadership. DECA has provided me with opportunities I will forever be grateful for such as being able to advocate for career technical education on Capitol Hill. However, my favorite part of DECA has been making an impact in the lives of others through community outreach projects. As a member of the community outreach committee on the state officer team I am most excited to work with Alex’s Lemonade Stand in raising funds for pediatric cancer research this upcoming year! I also serve as the secretary of my high school’s National Honor Society chapter and am civically engaged through an internship on a committee for Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives. I enjoy skiing, swimming, yoga, and Justin Timberlake’s music in my free time.
Tejas Wein
Tejas WeinDistrict 4/5 Representative[email protected]
My name is Tejas Wein and I am the representative for Districts 4 and 5. I am from State College and I have been involved in DECA since freshman year. When I started out in 9th year, many of my older friends encouraged me to join the DECA chapter as it was full of fun and motivated people. Through DECA I have met many close friends and learned a great deal from various leadership positions. I look forward to states this year, as it is a place for PA DECA members to showcase the end result of their preparation and skills. I also look forward to meeting many new members from around our state. When I’m not working as a state officer, I spend a lot of time outdoors. Some of my favourite activities are skiing, kayaking, and surfing.
Kevin Duffy
Kevin DuffyDistrict 6 Representative[email protected]
I became involved in DECA through my school club. I thought that DECA was able to help me to become more professional in a business standpoint so I jumped right on it. I am most looking forward to the State Conference because this is what we are preparing for the entire year and it's the final product and I will be able to see the hard work everyone put into it. Some of my other hobbies include Volleyball, and in the summers I work as a lifeguard.
Leah Jardel
Leah JardelDistrict 7 Representative[email protected]
Hello PA DECA! My name is Leah Jardel the District 7 Representative and I am from East Stroudsburg High School South. I have been a member of DECA since freshman year and within my chapter I am the VP of marketing! The main reason I got involved was I saw the DECA booth at freshman night and was instantly hooked onto the club, and now I am beyond glad to be going into my third year as a member! This upcoming year I am looking forward to planning an absolutely amazing state conference with my fellow officers, plus I truly can't wait to see how all members become #limitless this year! I know each and every member will be nothing but successful this year! Along side DECA I am an open champion Irish dancer, a varsity high jumper on my schools track team, the corresponding secretary for the class of 2019 and I have been playing violin since I was three! You could definitely say I like to keep myself busy! Check out my social media accounts....I would love to connect with each and everyone of you!
Carson Keefe
Carson KeefeDistrict 8 Representative[email protected]
Hey everyone, my name is Carson Keefe, and I am your current District 8 Representative. My home chapter is Northampton Area High School, where I serve as the chapter president. I first became involved with DECA during my freshman year after my older siblings informed me about the club. I am incredibly excited to meet other DECA members that are as passionate about the organization as I am. I look forward to creating new relationships and connections with as many members as I can during my time as a State Officer. In my spare time, I enjoy playing baseball, volleyball, and hanging out with friends. Some of my hobbies include listening to music and playing ping-pong.
James Armstrong
James ArmstrongDistrict 9 Representative[email protected]
James is a senior at the Downingtown STEM Academy, a public school located about 45 miles west of Philadelphia. He represents District 9 as their DECA District Representative. James was a founding member and currently is President of his local DECA chapter. He’s competed at ICDC the last two years bringing home medals as Finalist, Top Role Play and Top Exam. In addition to school and DECA, James is a competitive Epee fencer and a classical pianist. He plans to study business in college while also fencing and playing piano. He hopes to help students in DECA be as competitive as possible both in competition as well as college and in their careers. His primary goals this year are creating strong networking outlets for PA DECA members and encouraging member development. He is ready to help PA DECA Defy Gravity!
Aniya Blakeley-Moore
Aniya Blakeley-MooreDistrict 10 Representative[email protected]
Megan Blakeley
Megan BlakeleyDistrict 11 Representative[email protected]
This year I was fortunate enough to be able to serve a second term as a state officer. I'm from UM High School. I look forward to the coming year as District 11 rep once again. Can't wait to defy gravity this year with pa DECA. Fun fact: I'm a twin!