Dylan Gino
Dylan GinoState Vice President[email protected]
Whats up PA DECA I am Dylan Gino a senior at Lehigh CTI. This year I am looking forward to serving as the State Vice President! Now as I am in my fourth year of DECA it has been a pleasure experiencing so many different trips and competitions. Besides DECA I play football and am a huge Broncos fan! Go Denver!
Martin Washington
Martin WashingtonVice President of Communications[email protected]
Hello! My name’s Martin Washington, and I’m a senior at Easton Area High School! I’m entering my 3rd year as a member of the Great Organization that we call DECA and currently serving as PA DECA’S Vice President of Communications! When I’m not rapping Logic and Kyle side by side with my best friends Collin and Rahul, you can see me in the gym weightlifting, driving around the Lehigh Valley delivering pizzas, or at Easton Area High School helping out as i’m the Executive Board President. DECA is one of my biggest passions and if you see me at a conference come say hi!
Ellen Poplavska
Ellen PoplavskaVice President of Member Development[email protected]
Hey everyone! My name is Ellen Poplavska and I am your Vice President of member development. I'm a senior at North Allegheny High School and I am SO excited to be a part of this great organization! I like to read, write, and sew and design stuffed animals, and I really value my time volunteering at my local library. I also love music! I play the piano, violin, ukulele, and musical saw. In my spare time I also like to do origami and art, as well as gardening. I'm looking forward to extending the opportunities of DECA to even more amazing people! Are you #readyforit?
Collin Christein
Collin ChristeinVice President of Community Outreach[email protected]
Hello everyone! My name is Collin Christein and I am your 2018-2019 Vice President of Community Outreach. I am currently a junior and this year will be my third year in DECA. Aside from DECA, you can see me rapping my favorite songs by Logic and Kyle side by side with my best friends, Martin and Rahul! Other things I enjoy are hanging out with my friends and playing sports in the backyard. When I’m not hanging out with my friends, you can find me working hard as a host at a local diner near me. So if you ever need to brush up on your hosting skills, just give me a call! Most importantly, I value my faith because to me it means the most. I absolutely cannot wait to serve as your VP of Community Outreach this year! I’m #readyforit. Are you?
Rahul Rao
Rahul RaoVice President of Business Partnerships[email protected]
What’s good PA DECA! My name is Rahul Rao and I am excited to be your 2018-2019 VP of Business Partnerships. I am senior at the Downingtown STEM Academy and this will be me fourth year in DECA. Outside of my beautiful DECA uniform (thank you Mrs. Ice!!), I’m catching vibes with my boys Martin and Collin, traveling around the world, watching Brooklyn 99, and eating food.​ Shoutout to my doggo Buddy and my fish Han S. Please reach out to me with any questions and follow my social media. Remember - “It’s not ‘can’; it’s ‘will’ You have to will things into fruition” - ye #readyforit
Kyle Gardner
Kyle GardnerDistrict 1 Representative[email protected]
Hello PA DECA! My name is Kyle Gardner and I am the 2018/2019 District 1 Representative. I have been a DECA member since I was a freshman at St. Marys Area high school. Outside of DECA, I enjoy to play Varsity soccer and tennis. Also. I enjoy to play basketball at Memorial park in St. Marys. My favorite sport teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Pirates, and the Philadelphia 76ers. I really like to watch series on Netflix, my favorite shows are “The Office”, “Dexter”, and “Supernatural.” I'm excited to serve PA DECA this year. I hope to see you at States! #readyforit
Kira Klein
Kira KleinDistrict 2 Representative[email protected]
Hi PA DECA, I’m Kira Klein, your District 2 Representative and a senior from North Allegheny Senior High School. This is my second year competing in DECA. Last year my event was Entrepreneurship Individual Series and I qualified to ICDC in Atlanta, which was so much fun. Other than DECA, I’m interested in engineering and do Robotics Club and the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science’s science fair. I’ve taken classes at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium for 5 years, as well as volunteering there and doing an apprenticeship. I play the cello and ukulele and fence foil. I really enjoy reading, writing, listening to music, and especially making art, like drawing and sewing. I love entertainment like movies and musicals, and I love to travel. I’m really excited to get to know 2018-2019 PA DECA and to have so much fun at the district, state, and international conferences!
Alexis Schanck
Alexis SchanckDistrict 3 Representative[email protected]
Hey PA DECA! My name is Alexis Schanck, I go to Bethel Park High School, and I'm your District 3 Representative! I am now a 4 year DECA member and president of my chapter. Outside of DECA, I love going to concerts and traveling to see new things and meet new people. I also have been playing fast pitch softball for 11 years! I can't wait for this year connecting with all of you!
Tyler Bishop
Tyler BishopDistrict 4/5 Representative[email protected]
Hello PA DECA, my name is Tyler Bishop and I’m the District 4/5 Representative from Midd-West High School. I have been a member since my sophomore year and I am currently a senior. I’m extremely excited to help team 68 plan states. When I’m not in the DECA zone, you can find me on the football field, in the woods, or on the water. I am a member of national honor society in my school. I look forward to encouraging new chapters to take their mark and ready, set, PA DECA with the rest of the state.
Jackie Speicher
Jackie SpeicherDistrict 6 Representative[email protected]
Hey I’m Jackie Speicher your district 6 representative this year! I’m a senior at Northern York high school and this is my third year involved in DECA. When I don’t have 4 inch nude pumps on, I’ll probably be flexing my white crocs and athletic clothes, holding my precious kitty, Simba. I’ve been playing soccer year round since I was eight and now I’m a varsity captain, but my heart belongs to ice hockey. I don’t watch tv shows because I’m too busy watching the Pittsburgh Penguins catching wins. My next favorite thing has to be my beautiful DECA partner and best friend, Bri. Without her, I would not be the successful DECA officer I am and I owe her the world for that. Other than that I enjoy sleeping, working out, spending all my money on pointless things and traveling to San Diego, California every summer. Also, I really gotta recommend giving Bazzi a stream on Spotify, you’re welcome. If you’re nervous, just remember the time I showed up to Nationals without my manual! So, it’s time to put your game faces on, are you ready?
Isha Mohapatra
Isha MohapatraDistrict 7 Representative[email protected]
Hello PA DECA! My name is Isha Mohapatra and I am your 2018-2019 District 7 Representative from Moravian Academy. I have been involved in DECA since my sophomore year and served as the president of Moravian DECA my junior year and will continue with that position through my senior year. Outside of DECA, I love to watch The Office and volunteer. In school, I’m involved in Model Congress, Quizbowl, and do many science fairs as well as orchestra and chorale. I’m also a dancer and a black belt in mixed martial arts. I am looking forward to meeting all the members of PA DECA and watching everyone grow throughout the year! It’s #offtothrraces PA DECA as each of us takes a step toward our future! Are you #readyforit?
Cassandra Borzillo
Cassandra BorzilloDistrict 8 Representative[email protected]
Hello PA DECA! My name is Cassie Borzillo and I am very excited to serve as your District 8 Representative for the 2018-2019 DECA year. I am currently a junior at Northampton Area High School and I have been a part of DECA since my freshman year. I am happy to serve as my chapter’s Digital Historian and compete in competitions all year round! I got involved with DECA because of my amazing DECA partner and school chapter who persuaded me to join. Outside of DECA, I am the Treasurer for my school’s drama club. I am also a member of my school’s orchestra, chorus, acapella choir, select ensemble choir, field hockey, and spring musical. I am so happy to be able to work with and share my ideas with the state officer team. I cannot wait to see what this years DECA conferences have to offer. Get ready set PA DECA! Please look me up on any of my social medias and I would absolutely love to meet all of you!
Bridget O’Donnell
Bridget O’DonnellDistrict 9 Representative[email protected]
Hey PA DECA! I’m Bridget O’Donnell, your District 9 Representative from Bishop Shanahan High School. DECA has been a huge part of my life since I was a freshman, and I’m lucky to have such a great and supportive chapter. I can’t wait to give back to the organization that has given so much to me! Outside of DECA, I love sports–I’ve played five different sports over the years, and I currently serve as the Sports Editor of my school newspaper. Also, I’m a huge animal lover! My family has had a wide range of pets, from poodles to gerbils to lovebirds, and just about every Snapchat I send is a photo of my dogs. I’m so excited to serve my DECA community! So many great and hilarious memories have come from my DECA experience (like that one time a certain friend of mine got my room key stuck at the top of a pine tree...you know who you are.) I hope you’re ready for an amazing year, and I can’t wait to show you what PA DECA has to offer!
Janet Davis
Janet DavisDistrict 10 Representative[email protected]
Hello Everyone! My name is Janet Davis and I am your 2018-2019 District 10 Representative. I am from Philadelphia and I’m now a senior at George Washington High school. I am ecstatic to be apart of this organization, but I also have many other things I love. I enjoy music, makeup, fashion, and working. When I am not managing at my job you can find me on the soccer field or the basketball court. I am also apart of the National Honors Society at my school and as you can tell I keep busy. I am thrilled to get to know all of you, and to make this year one of the best with the help from myself and our wonderful PA State Officers.
Suma Moolaveesala
Suma MoolaveesalaDistrict 11 Representative[email protected]
Hello everyone, my name is Suma Moolaveesala and I am your district 11 Representative from Conestoga high school! I’ve been an active member of DECA since my sophomore year and it had been such a transformative experience. If not found at a DECA conference, I am most likely volunteering at the Philadelphia Zoo or serving on the National SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Youth Advisory Council. I also enjoy being an editor in my school’s yearbook and binging a variety of shows on Netflix. Catch me driving around town in my Prius blasting songs from Cardi B to Sabrina Claudio. I’m so excited to serve this term and can’t wait to meet all of you!!

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